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Snow shelters

Russsell County, Va. - This week's weather has been trying for many folks across our area. Among them are some of the youngest, who wound up at a shelter in Russell County, Virginia.

We wondered how they got there and where they are after their visit to the shelter.

On Friday there were still plenty of cars and trucks left abandoned along Russell County's roadways. A lot of those left stranded by the snowstorm ended up at the county EMS building set up as a temporary shelter.

"We have 57 individuals here that sheltered with us overnight and they're transitioning out to get their cars. We have tow trucks got with families and they're going with the two trucks to see if their cars can go," Director Jess Powers said.

Among those going home are lot of families with kids.

A simple shopping trip turned into an adventure for one family. "We got all our shopping done and then on our way back it started snowing and we got stuck," Castity Cathey said.

"It started snowing at 2 o'clock. It was snowing three inches per hour for the next five hours and we got 15 inches of snow," Powers adds.

Another visitor at the emergency shelter was Lara Bethlehem, just days old. "We were headed home to Castlewood and say the Jeep slid over in the ditch, didn't it," mother Mary Ann Vance seemed to tell her new baby.

Even though folks are going home now, it was quite a night for the shelter.

"We had 7 diabetics, we have one guy in a wheelchair and the we have a newborn baby she's two days old and then we had a 9 month old, a one year old and a one and a half year old, we had a lot of children," Powers said.

As they load up to go home, think of the stories those kids will hear from their parents every time it snows.

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