Russell County

Family working for changes after trooper's death

A Call For Change

RUSSELL COUNTY, Va. - The family of Tazewell county native Trooper Andrew Fox wants tougher penalties in Virginia when people are killed while working on the road.

27-year-old Virginia State Trooper Andrew Fox died in October 2012 while directing traffic at the Virginia State Fair.

The driver of the car that struck Trooper Fox received a reckless driving citation and a $1,000 fine, something Andrew's dad David says isn't enough. "I can't be angry with the girl that hit my son, but it's something in the law you've got to change," says David Fox.

Now, David Fox a Richlands, Virginia Police Office is working with Virginia state Senator Phillip Puckett. "I think what we'll have to look at is probably a piece of legislation that deals with the death of an officer in the performance of his duty," adds Puckett.

State Senator Puckett says the next chance he'll have to make a change will likely be January 2014 and until then he says he'll work with Virginia State Police and Trooper Fox's family to look at minimum penalties in the case of a crash that kills a trooper. "The maximum situation a person could get in that situation would be a misdemeanor, something like a traffic citation," adds Puckett.

But for David Fox, he is hoping the legislation will expand to include anyone working on the roads like VDOT crews, towing companies, even drivers who pull over to fix a flat tire.

It's a change which Fox knows is too late for his family, but could make a difference for someone else.

David Fox is collecting signatures to help State Senator Puckett when he presents a change to law makers. To sign the petition visit this link.

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