Residents in southwest Virginia cleanup after flooding

Southwest Virginia cleanup after flooding

SALTVILLE, Va. - Cleanup is underway in Saltville, Virginia after rain soaked the town Sunday night.

Flash flooding left behind wet stores and businesses.

Most of the water was gone Monday, but the damage remained. "We were able to get most of the water out yesterday evening and we've got a commercial cleaner in trying to get most of the water out of the carpet and throw away all the damaged goods," says Carl Lamie.

Residents won't only be cleaning up water, but mud and debris as well.

On Poor Valley Road in Washington County, Virginia, water continued to flow over the street as neighbors work to find a starting point of what's likely to be a long cleanup process.

We talked with VDOT and found out the majority of roads closed due to flooding are now back open, but drivers are advised to proceed with caution while VDOT crews try to repair any damages.

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