Republican gubernatorial candidate makes final stop in Southwest Virginia

ABINGDON, Va. - In these final hours before Election Day candidates are hitting all over the Commonwealth.

The Sunday before Election Day ended with the Republican candidate for Virginia governor Ken Cuccinelli making a stop in Abingdon, wrapping up some last minute campaign stops along the Interstate-81 corridor.

This is Cuccinelli's second trip to Southwest Virginia in the last week, but the goal of this stop was to get his supporters to push undecided voters to the polls.

"We need you to take part of tomorrow off if you can do that. We need you to take all of Tuesday off to help work those polls. Because it's absolutely true that people show without having made up their minds," said Ken Cuccinelli.

Cuccinelli's camp is counting on those undecided voters to close the gap.

After the most recent Quinnipiac University poll gave Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe a 4-point lead over Cuccinelli.

He told the crowd of about 70 supporters that believes people of Southwest Virginia are the ones to close the gap.

"We gotta work our way to a solid red southwest Virginia," said Cuccinelli.

Cuccinelli was joined by Republican candidate for Attorney General for Mark Obenshain and Virginia Republican Party Chairman Pat Mullins.

Cuccinelli pointed out that his opponent hasn't been to Southwest Virginia and he says is against the issues that are important to people in this part of the state.

"That whether it's growing Obamacare even further, our joining in the war on coal, or taking away your second amendment rights, my opponent as he likes to say ‘I'm all in.' And he's right there with the President and so it is appropriate that he is right there with the President," said Cuccinelli.

Monday Cuccinelli will head campaign with Florida senator Marco Rubio in the western part of the state before he will join Ron Paul in Richmond.

We reached the Terry McAuliffe to see if he plans to visit our area before Election Day and his campaign spokesperson says they would not be making any stops in Southwest Virginia.

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