Republican candidate gubernatorial Ken Cuccinelli visits Southwest Virginia

WASHINGTON CO., Va. - Republican candidate for Virginia governor, Ken Cuccinelli, joined members of the Southwest Virginia delegation in Abingdon Tuesday to talk about energy, the government shutdown, and the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Cuccinelli faces Democrat Terry McAuliffe in November's election.

Several supporters gathered on the courthouse steps to hear the current attorney general's stance on recent EPA regulations.

Cuccinelli told the crowd laws limiting coal-fired power plants would not only kill jobs, but also limit opportunities for the entire commonwealth.

"It isn't just about coal coming out of the ground. These regulations change the electric rates and our ability to have jobs across Virginia," said Cuccinelli

Cucinelli said he will continue to file lawsuits against the EPA over the regulations while he is attorney general.

Cuccinelli also said his opponent, Terry McAuliffe, would be willing to let the state government shutdown in order to expand medicaid.

"And now he wants the medicaid expansion, he's willing to shutdown Virginia government by not signing a by not signing a Virginia budget. And as terry mentioned to you that's a government shutdown in Virginia folks," said Cuccinelli

Cuccinelli was one of the first state attorney generals to lead the fight against the Affordable Healthcare Act, also know as, Obamacare.

But the government shutdown is changing the shape of the campaign.

Cuccinelli said the same thing won't happen in Virginia of he's governor. because he's the one who kept Virginia from shutting down seven years ago.

"Lately we've seen Washington D.C. at it's worst, the shutdown has been on display up there. I don't think that's the kind of leadership we want in Washington. I have a track record in 2006 when we came within two days of a government shutdown in Virginia and I was the state senator to with the bill to bridge that gap," said Cuccinelli.

Monday McAuliffe called on Cuccinelli to denounce the shutdown and Senator Ted Cruz.

Election day is Tuesday November 5th.

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