Powerball fever

Bristol, Va. - Many Tri-Cities residents bought Powerball tickets for Wednesday night's big drawing.

The Powerball jackpot was up to $400 million dollars, the fifth highest it's ever been.

Area convenience stores told us they sold Powerball tickets all day.

Mandy Feathers, a sales clerk at George and Sids Convenience Store on Commonwealth Ave.,  told us sales picked up all week.

People bought multiple tickets, she said, even though they cost $2.00, a dollar more than the Moneyball tickets.

"We've had a lot of multiple ticket sales, like 5 tickets at once so $10 tickets," Feathers said.

The big jackpot made many customers add the tickets to their purchases at the last minute in hopes of winning big, she said.

"When it's this high yes, they say I've heard about that and they go ahead and get it," said Feathers.

Fewer offices seemed to pool money for a ticket this time around, she told us.
"A lot of individual sales, a lot more individual sales," Feathers said.

Many customers told us they were only buying one ticket for themselves.

The customers we spoke to said they have big plans for the money.

"I'll be far away from here in Hawaii," said ticket buyer Terry Ratliff. "Somewhere taking it easy, pay off everything, taking care of friends and family."

Another customer said he'd move to Miami.

"I've always loved Miami," Jacob Holley told us. "I have a cousin who lives in Miami so I plan on moving there and maybe buy or start a bar or something. A little sports bar, something to do."

A sales representative at Andy's Market, in Bristol, Va., said they saw twice the number of customers Wednesday compared to usual, and they told us they sold 200 tickets to one person.

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