Pet parents reduce rabies, buy vaccinations

ABINGDON, Va. -  Pet owners had the opportunity to get their furry friends vaccinated Saturday.

Retired Veterinarian Clay Brinson was out in Abingdon giving rabies shots.

Owners brought their pets to Lights at Stone Mill to get those shots.

Brinson administered doses of one to three years of protection to both dogs and cats of all sizes.

All owners had to do was bring a payment ranging from $10 to $20 and share the animal's information.

Once owners receive a certificate for the vaccination, they will need to register the pet in their home county.

Brinson tells us the shots are mandatory in Virginia.

"Rabies of course is a disease that's required by state of Virginia that we vaccinate against because it is a disease that can affect humans as well," Brinson said.

He tells us he will be giving rabies shots again in early May at a different location in the county.

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