People walk through downtown Abingdon to fight hunger

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Va. - Having food to eat and clean water -- something we may take for granted. But did you know in some developing countries, people often have to walk more than five miles simply to get food and water. That's why some people in our region are taking steps to end hunger, by taking part in the annual Crop Walk through downtown Abingdon.

Cloudy, rainy, and cold, are definitely not the kind of weather conditions you would like to take a walk in. "I'm wearing four layers actually," said walker Kristin Kachel.

But step-by-step people were actually doing it for a good cause. "Some people stop us and ask what we're doing, we'll say we're doing the Crop Walk for hunger and they should donate or join in," added walker Eryn Reece.

Just a five mile walk through Abingdon, is how the Washington County Crop Walk helps raise hunger awareness and money. It's to help both around the country and at home. "Less fortunate we think around the world, there's people that are our neighbors that we can be helping as well," said walker Jenna Crozier.

The Crop Walk does help our neighbors about 20% of the money goes to help Stone Soup Food Pantry.

News 5 learned the goal of the Crop Walk is to raise as much money as possible, and that's why some walkers want to step-up and help. "Instead of just sitting on the couch and donating money, we're getting involved," said walker Julian Bright.

Crop Walk Organizer Ed Davis tells News 5 more than $7,000 was raised at this year's Crop Walk.

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