Paul Ryan speaks in Danville

Paul Ryan in Danville

DANVILLE, Va. - The race for the White House ran through our region Wednesday.

Virginia is an important state for both campaigns. Wednesday the Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan was seeking support in Danville. We drove there to talk to him about jobs in the coalfields.

American flags were waving for Congressman Paul Ryan's stop. The Republican vice-presidential candidate brought a pro-growth message. We met up with Ryan to talk to him about coal jobs.

This comes one day after Alpha Natural Resources announced 1,200 jobs are being cut, a decision that affects three coal mines in Virginia. Alpha's CEO told News 5 the challenges the company faces include EPA regulations.

The Romney campaign calls it a 'war on coal.' Romney says his campaign has a five-point plan that includes increasing access to domestic energy sources and eliminating regulations they say are destroying the coal industry.

Ryan told us the results of the plan could be felt beyond the coal industry.

The latest NBC-Wall Street Journal poll shows 42 percent of those asked say the economy is getting better. President Obama and Romney tie on who would deal better with the economy at 43 percent each.

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