One School, One Book at Watauga Elementary

One School, One Book

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Va. - Lately you may have heard about entire communities reading the same book. You could say, it's an "Everybody is on the same page" kind of thing, Something they can discuss when they get together.

Watauga Elementary in Washington County, Virginia has been reading one book together for the past five years. They're reading a series of books written through the eyes of a classroom hamster.

We visited as this year's "One School, One Book" campaign got a great start with a visit from the Knoxville Zoo. Every class at Watauga Elementary was holding the same book that they'll be reading this year. "School Days, according to Humphrey."  It's written through the eyes of a classroom pet.

To get things started this year, the Knoxville Zoo brought along some of their friends to get the campaign underway. There was a large bunny from Germany, a large parrot from South America, and a smaller one from Africa, who could talk or at least mimic.  He was one of the favorites. "The little one," Said Third Grader Mary Kestner. "The one that talked. I guess it would be nice to have a talking parrot, but they're a bunch of work," she said.

But the hands down, or hands on favorite from the zoo was a huge boa named Madelyn. Each child got a chance to touch her, even Humphrey took his turn. 

The snake was the most memorable part of the day for many.

Then it was back to the books to learn about Humphrey's first days at school this year. "It's about a hamster. He didn't see his class that he saw last year and he's freaking out," Mary said.

The book is something that everyone in the entire school can experience and discuss. "My friends, my family and that's about it," Dashaun said.

One school, one book and one shared experience for the entire student body.

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