Officers see traffic increase during summer season

Officers see traffic increase during summer season

WASHINGTON COUNTY, VA. - 11 over, pulling you over. That's sergeant patrol officer Noah Horn's motto.

AAA is predicting a new post-recession high for Memorial Day and summer travel.

In Washington County, Virginia, authorities are on the lookout on major highways.

"Aggressive driving habits, speeding violations, and also trying to make sure everybody is buckled up," Horn says.

Traveler Mary Ann Watson stopped at the Virginia Welcome Center on her way home to West Virginia and noticed the extra law enforcement presence.

A state trooper patrolling the highway.

"I don't know if he was just waiting for somebody to see how they were driving, but so far I haven't seen anybody doing anything crazy," Watson says.

 Sergeant Horn says Memorial Day and summer are the busiest times on the roads.

"Just the warmer weather, people are doing more traveling for holiday events, going to visit friends," he says.

Patsy Mikeal is a manager at the Virginia Welcome Center, and she has seen an increase in travelers. .

"On Friday and Saturday you get the happy people who are just beginning their vacation or weekend," Mikeal says.

AAA also estimates that more than 8 in 10 Americans will travel by car to their destinations, which the organization says is the more cost effective method this season.

And Virginia authorities are working overtime to make roads safer.

Washington County police officers say they are struggling most with people not following the "Move Over" law

"I don't believe a lot of people are being observant enough when driving to look for them lights and make a safe lane change to give us more room to work," Horn says.

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