Norton cleans up after lighter-than-expected snowfall

Norton cleans up after lighter-than-expected snowfall

NORTON, Va. - Many in Southwest Virginia woke up to snow-covered cars and roads Wednesday.

The sounds of winter are back in Norton, Virginia -- the shoveling and scraping can be heard as people tried to dig out.

Eddie Collins was working on sidewalks Wednesday morning. "I shovel them, salt them and just keep an eye on them," he told us.

At sunrise on Wednesday, some like Duffield resident Bethany Feagins were happy to see Mother Nature seemed to go easy on this city. "[It's] not as bad as it was supposed to be, but it was bad enough that I couldn't have got home last night," she said.
Feagins' employer had her stay in a hotel overnight to make sure she could get to work Wednesday morning. "I live in Duffield and 45 minutes away is not a good idea to come up that mountain," she said.

Norton Chief of Police James lane says his team was ready to tackle whatever was thrown their way. "We've had extra officers out just trying to keep an extra eye on the roads due to travelers coming through our jurisdiction, to make sure everyone has safe journeys, and in case there were any issues. Whether it was weather or a disabled vehicle, they could assist the traffic flow coming through," he told us.

The first significant snow of the season seemed to be a pretty calm event, which is good news for many of the people in the area.

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