New Crooked Road Venue

New Crooked Road Venue

Scott County, Va -
There's a reason Virginia calls its musical heritage trail The Crooked Road.

Around every bend in the road in this region is a place where musicians gather for jam sessions.

Add another stop along that tour with the addition of the Allen Hicks Mandolin shop in Scott County.

There's hardly time to make instruments anymore as the crowds get bigger and bigger at his friday night jams.

A lot has changed at Allen Hick's mandolin making shop. When we first visited three years ago it was just a musical woodworkers shop that doubled as a place for a friday night old time musical jam. It started with musicians checking out his handmade instruments.

"Started with about two or three and now it's up to 75 to a 100 every Friday night. Tonight I'd say we'll have a jam packed house," Hicks says.

A packed house because the workshop becomes the newest venue on The Crooked Road Virginia's musical heritage tour.

"They just started coming in and jamming, having a good time I guess checking instruments out. It just kept growing," he said.

In eight years untold numbers of musicians and fans have gathered each friday night and they're coming from everywhere.

"Week before last I had a lady from Israel, had two from Pennsylvania, two from San Francisco. I've had people from Holland, France, England, Switzerland, Canada, Belgium," He recalled.

A corner of the building is still dedicated to making instruments but with so many visitors, it's hard to get any made.

"Well they ran me out of my workshop. I've got most of my tools stored over in the barn. I'm going to make me a shop over there I think this winter and make one or two," He said.

If he has time. The popularity of the music and this place just continues to grow.

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