New child ID program

The Washington County Sheriff's Office has unveiled a new child safety initiative. 

According to Washington County Sheriff Fred Newman, one of the most important tools for law enforcement when a child goes missing is readily available photographs, fingerprints, and accurate descriptions from parents and guardians.

Now the Washington County Sheriff's Office has the tools to make that happen.  With its continued affiliation with the Southern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children (SOVAICAC) Task Force, the Sheriff's Office recently received computers and equipment to provide free Child ID Kits to our citizens.

The process is quick, easy to store, involves no messy ink, and is FREE of charge. Parents and guardians can simply complete a short form that includes emergency contacts, physical description, and possible health issues. Sheriff's personnel will enter the data onto a laptop computer, take up to four (4) pictures and electronically capture the fingerprints. All the information is burned to disc on location and provided to the parents in a easy-to-use format.

Should the child go missing, the disc is then provided to law enforcement who can quickly, electronically share this information area wide, as well as nationwide.

The information meets the requirements for an AMBER Alert to be issued if necessary. NONE of the personal information is kept by law enforcement.


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