Mountain Mission gives hope to students

Mountain Mission gives hope to students

GRUNDY, Va. - You've probably heard of the Mountain Mission School in Grundy, especially this time of year as their unbelievable choir makes the rounds in concerts around the region.

But there's way more to the Christian based school than the choir.

It's overwhelming to actually hear the voices of the Mountain Mission Choir. They've been traveling quite a bit and entertaining during the holidays season, bringing along their message of hope.

Behind each voice is a story of where they came from and how they ended up at the school. They're from situations that have placed them at risk and put them at a disadvantage, but not here at Mountain Mission. "This school is like my home, my church. I live here, it's very important to me," South Carolina student Selen Guerrero said.

"My brother was here when he was a kid and he brought us, me and my brothers," says Ethiopian student Bdlanit Sorri.

Some of these children are from around the world and have come to Grundy just for a chance. "They come to us from personal referrals. Our reputation gets out through the choir, through athletic teams, and through the hundreds of churches that support us," president Shane Slone told us.

"Let's just say if I wasn't here I wouldn't be respectful. I'd be a lot more disrespectful and end up like a lot of other people out there. I'm going to have a future," Robel Adefrisew from Washington, D.C. confessed.

"Mountain Mission is like a family. When I got here everyone showed me love and stuff. You can't comprehend the love you get here," Nigerian student Tunde Akinmede said.

Lots of love is offered to students from toddlers to teens, but they're also getting an education. The school has facts that are almost hard to believe. "Well over 90 percent of our kids go to college. It's quite amazing when you realize we're dealing with disadvantaged youth, many with language and cultural issues as well," President Slone said.

It's their mission at Mountain Mission -- not to just rescue kids, but to raise future leaders.

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