Local woman witnesses deadly pile-up on I-77

A huge pile-up on interstate 77 Sunday afternoon killing at least three and injuring dozens of others.
Cindy Fleenor was coming home to Kingsport from Fayetville, North Carolina with her mother.
News 5 spoke to her on the phone about what she saw.
"You could tell it was getting foggy, our side was moving along pretty good," Fleenor says.

She was going northbound, the opposite side of I-77 from where the accidents occurred. "All of a sudden, our side just completely stopped. Everybody was slamming on their brakes. None of us hit but as we were looking on the other side that's when you could see all that mess on the other side."

She says what she saw next was utter devastation. "Going down the mountain is 7 miles down, and it was at least halfway and beyond was completely full of wrecks."

But she says people were trying to warn other drivers. "I was really impressed with how fast the truck drivers were getting out of their trucks and coming to the aid and assist the other people that was in the cars. There were people running up the mountain to flag people down because nobody knew. It just kept piling and piling, everybody kept running into each other."

Fleenor tells us, her and her mother are lucky to be alive. "If we would've been 5 seconds ahead of it, the car that came across would've hit us, it was a mess."

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