Local Virginia Delegate explains newly passed Transportation Bill

GATE CITY, Va. - An almost $900-million Transportation Bill is waiting on the Governor's signature in the Commonwealth.

News 5 wanted to know how that's going to effect us here in Southwest Virginia. We caught up with local Delegate Terry Kilgore, he tells us essentially Southwest Virginia will see a drop in the price of gas.

That's because the bill does away with the 17 and a half cent gas tax.

It's also going to boost the statewide sales tax from 5% to 5.3%.

We've learned that means Southwest Virginia won't have to pay as much for road projects in Northern Virginia.

"But what will help take the burden off of us is the fact that Northern Virginia, Tidewater, will be taxing themselves an additional half cent on sales tax just to pave their own roads and to make their own projects," added Kilgore.

The Transportation Bill replaces the current gas tax with a 3.5% wholesale tax on gas and a 6% levy on diesel fuel.

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