Local pizza restaurants prepare for Super Bowl Sunday

BRISTOL, Va. - No matter what side of the field you're on most of us will enjoy the Super Bowl on the big screen, but the game won't be complete without the food.

Saturday News 5 looked into how pizza restaurants are getting ready for all of the game watchers.

"Getting ready, getting hype, and getting excited, making sure we have enough front of the house staff to take care of everybody. I just hope we get rocked and we get packed a house," said Todd Hurley, Kitchen Manager at Mellow Mushroom.

Todd Hurley tells us he hopes Sunday's boom will offset this week's winter weather bust.

"It has very big impact on all of the businesses around here; especially us because people can stay inside and cook themselves something, instead of going out and taking a chance on these roads," said Hurley.

But as the temperature climbs Hurley tells us business is on the rebound.

"A couple of days this week you can tell they are [people] trickling in and it is really starting to get busy. Today I hope we get rocked, this weekend should be real busy," said Hurley.

Hurley tells us they are ready and they expect to serve between 200 and 300 pizzas and another 1000 to 1200 chicken wings.

"Pizza, beer and wings you can't bet that," said Hurley.

We found out that Mellow Mushroom will bring in extra staffers to help with the rush, but they don't plan to deliver pizza.

He also checked with other pizza restaurants in our area and they tells you can reduce you delivery wait time if you call your order in earlier in the evening before the half-time rush.

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