Local law enforcement to receive part of $115 million drug settlement

RICHMOND, Va. - Law enforcement agencies across Virginia will soon have new equipment and training, all thanks to a $33 million drug settlement.

Virginia received $115 million from Abbott Laboratories to settle claims it promoted the drug Depakote for uses not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. That money was divided into $33 million for law enforcement and separated to be distributed among several agencies across the state, including seven in our region.

News 5 has learned from the Attorney General Office's website, the Dickenson County Sheriff's Office will receive $42,850. The money will be used buy officer safety equipment, iPads for the field and digital camera kits to process crime scenes.

The Lee County Sheriff's Office will receive $141,612. The department will buy two new SUVs, in-car laptops, active shooter emergency response kits and 100 hours overtime pay to cover a shortage in manpower.

Richlands Police will get $109,260.  That money will be used to purchase newer vehicles, in-car video and better body armor protection for officers.

The Tazewell County Sheriff's Office will receive $113,089 to buy three ATVs and trailers.  The department will also buy two four-wheel drive SUVs that will be equipped with towing packages for better access to rural areas.

The Scott County Sheriff's Office will spend $138,163 to buy a new police car, computers, data radio and other equipment.  The department will also use part of the funding for 1,000 hours overtime pay to help with the internet crimes against children program.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office will receive $73,483 to improve the firing range with lights, electricity, water and a building shelter complete with restroom facilities.

Finally, $36,136 will go to the Weber City Police Department to pay for officer overtime and to buy guns, holsters, vests and three data radios for in-car computers.

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli distributed the money at an event in Richmond on Wednesday.

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