Lee County

Thomas Walker High School graduates keep tradition alive

LEE COUNTY, Va. - Thomas Walker High School Seniors in Lee County walked through the hallways of the school for the last time Friday.

For the first time since the school opened in 1940, the seniors thought they would have to part with tradition.

On May 22nd, the high school received an email from the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia telling them they must remove the plaque of The 10 Commandments from inside the school.

They also said graduates were not allowed to sing the song "Til We Meet Again at Jesus' Feet" at their graduation ceremony.

Friday evening, after all students were declared graduates, the seniors lined up around the perimeter of the gym, linked arms and began to sing the song.

Members of the audience joined in and erupted in clapping and celebration after the students were finished.

Our reporter Stephanie Santostasi said two teachers did not join the celebration and sat down instead.

Seniors at the high school say it was a sense of relief being able to sing the treasured song with their classmates, "I believe this was a great accomplishment. I mean I'm very happy that we did it because a lot of people don't believe, but even if you don't believe in God, it's very respectful to stand up and respect everybody that does," says grad Dustin Goss.

Although the plaque of The Ten Commandments was removed a few weeks ago from inside the school, the seniors have hope the under classmen will use their voices to help get it back up.

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