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Pennington Gap Police Chief facing drug and gun charges

Investigation stems around drug and pill distribution

Police Chief facing drug and gun charges

PENNINGTON GAP, Virginia - A police chief lands on the other side of the law, arrested and now in jail without bond. Pennington Gap Police Chief Bryan Young is facing several drug and gun charges.

News 5 learned Young was re-appointed as Chief of Pennington Gap Police back in July and he's been serving the last 15-months.

In a small town of almost 2,000 people, there's big talk. "Heard people say that the Chief got picked up," said resident Gary Fausnight.

The arrest of Pennington Gap Police Chief Bryan Young happened at the Lee County Courthouse Thursday. "It involves drug distribution, pill distribution," said Sheriff Gary Parsons.

It's been a two year investigation spear-headed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, along with the US Attorneys Office.

While a lot of details are not being released about the case, here's where they gathered some evidence. "Three search warrants executed, one at the police department, one at Mr. Young's home, and one at the home of Steven Fritz," added Sheriff Parsons.

Sheriff Parsons says Mr. Fritz has no association with police and cannot comment on his involvement, but Sheriff Parsons is anticipating more arrests and more charges. "It's a sad day for all of us, he betrayed a trust that we owe to the public," added Sheriff Parsons.

News 5 checked with Town Mayor DR Carter, he didn't want to speak on camera but says the community's safety is top concern and there are still six full-time police officers.

Residents say this arrest is a surprise and it's awful news to hear. "He's supposed to be out here getting them, not  selling and distributing them," added Fausnight.

Young is in federal custody without bail. News 5 got a copy of the affidavit from the US Attorney's Office, in it Young is accused of distributing pain pills and possessing a gun while illegally using and dealing drugs.

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