Lee County

Former Police Chief pleads guilty

PENNINGTON GAP, Va. - Former Pennington Gap Police Chief William Bryan Young pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute and one count of burglary of a pharmacy Monday.


The investigation determined that Young was a long time user of controlled substances while serving as Police Chief.


Investigators say he orchestrated the burglary of a Rite Aid pharmacy on September 28, 2012.


Investigators believe Young sent all other police personnel home that evening to ensure he would be the only officer on duty. 5,000 oxycodone pills were stolen from the pharmacy.


Young faces a potential maximum sentence of up to 40 years in prison and a potential fine of more than one million dollars.


Walter Harding, a  Lee County resident said, "Whoever takes over as Police Chief is going to have their number one priority be winning back public support, because the prior Police Chief and a few of his subordinates actually took advantage of a trust of authority."


The Lee County Sheriff's Department is over the Pennington Gap Police Department for now, and Young's sentencing date is set for April 12th.

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