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Former police chief accused of helping in burglary to get prescription drugs

Police chief arrested

PENNINGTON GAP, Va. - We've learned through an affidavit that former Pennington Gap police chief Bryan Young has been accused of orchestrating a burglary on a local pharmacy.

The sheriff's department says it was a two-year-long investigation that Young got involved with to keep eyes off him.

"That led us to several individuals which brought Chief Young into it. From there it spiraled and more info kept coming," said Sheriff Gary Parsons.

We learned from his criminal affidavit that Young had been accused of being involved with people who were selling prescription drugs and even helped them figure out a way to steal over 5,000 pills from a local Rite-Aid pharmacy. "He was making phone calls, determining where officers were. He went into the Rite-Aid that night to check on security procedure," said Parsons.

Parsons told us they even found text messages they believe are between Young and the others involved. "That led to a violation of trust even greater with the public. They're on the road patrolling, keeping people safe; orchestrating break-ins of businesses is a tough situation," said Parsons.

We learned from the affidavit that we picked up from the federal court that Young was actually accused of stealing things from the evidence room at the police station -- things like pills, guns and even counterfeit money.

We learned the counterfeit money was found being used at the Walmart in Jonesville, Virginia and the Brookside Market in Stickelyville, Virginia.

Lieutenant Louis Maverdes was appointed as the interim police chief after the town council terminated Young. Mavredes says his first goal is to restore the town's confidence back into his department. "Be reassured, we still have six good officers on the road and they are performing business as usual," said Mavredes.

We also learned the Pennington Gap Police Department is also receiving help from the Lee County Sheriff's Department while they continue to move forward.

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