Lee County

Court: Couple used 7-month-old for drug transfer at Lee County prison

Rashad Hough waived his preliminary hearing

An inmate in a Southwest Virginia prison waived his preliminary hearing Thursday in a federal contraband case that prosecutors said involved a 7-month-old baby.

Rashad Hough, 26, was formally charged and arrested earlier this week at the U.S. Penitentiary in Lee County, Virginia with one count of possession of a prohibited object, according to court records obtained by News 5.

An affidavit said Hough was visited by Raven Goodwine last June along with her baby. A Special Investigative Services official observed Goodwine passed the infant over to Hough and saw him take a small package from the baby's shorts and swallow it, the report said.

Prison officials stopped the meeting and took Hough to a prison x-ray machine where the round objects were seen. He was taken to the medical unit and guards later recovered small balloons that contained Suboxone that Hough intended to sell inside the prison for $30,000.

A future court date for Hough had not been set as of Thursday. Goodwine also waived her preliminary hearing on a federal contraband charge in March.


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