Lee County sees hail damage

Lee County sees hail damage

PENNINGTON GAP, Va. - Our quick trip through Lee County during Sundays storm we found little damage from the winds.

There was damage, not from the high winds but from the unbelievable hail storm that came with it.

The parking lot of a former automobile dealership is filled with cars that suffered hail damage in Sunday's storm.  Many who were there to get estimates witnessed the quick violence of this powerful storm and the hail that came with it. "It come awful quick.  Me and my wife just got out of the vehicles and got into the house and shut the storm door and I turned and looked and I heard something whizzing and I got to looking and they began to start falling and I noticed the neighbors house over from me, it was hitting so hard that the ice was literally exploding," says William Pleasant, a Dryden resident.

The results are evident: windshields smashed out, and more dents than you can count. The parking lot has become the central location to meet up with insurance adjustors. "We've got different insurance companies that are being represented and a drive in service," Ernie Helton with Cumberland Automotive said.

That's for those with comprehensive insurance. For others, they're not covered.

Visiting this one location can tell the story as far as the hail and it's size. "We had hail about that big around and she's got some over in her freezer right that that's that big around right now," Pleasant said. A visit to his neighbor show hail as large a baseballs.

So the damage to unprotected cars and trucks is extensive. There is a process that one must got through before you get and intimate of damage. "If they do have a claim there's steps are to call their claim end of the insurance company. The insurance company should contract them and make a schedule for them to come out to the Pennington location and have their estimates. Come by either by their adjustors or our staff here at Cumberland Automotive," Helton says.

By noon, over 40 vehicles with damage had been by, with more to come.

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