Jim Conrad gets an up-close preview of air show

Air show preview

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Va. - There's just something about the fascination of flying, and ever since we lifted off the ground there are those who take it to the limit. Doing tricks, flying fast, and doing barrel rolls -- you usually see that kind of thing at air shows, and one is coming to our region.

It's coming to the Virginia Highlands Airport in September, and there will be plenty of daring men in the flying machines.

There are a couple of unusual aircraft parked on the tarmac of the Virginia Highlands Airport. They're going to be a part of the Virginia Highlands Air Show 2014 coming September 27.  

The airport has become a vital part of the general aviation scene since it was first built. "We have helicopters, we have recreational aircraft, and as you can see in the background, we have corporate aircraft," says airport manager Mickey Hines.

That will give way to some very special aircraft for this year's show. One of the aircraft in the show is an Extra 300, as it is called. It has a bit of a history surrounding its former owner, Charlie Schwenker, who tragically died during an air show recently. "He flew the Extra 300 when I worked the shows with him. High performance aircraft, one of the best pilots I ever worked with and Johnny White here at the airport at Virginia Highlands has purchased that aircraft," Mike Bales with Appalachian Air Shows said.

To say its an extra special aircraft would be an understatement. "It goes where you point it, and its got a lot of horsepower. It's light and its very maneuverable. It's clean and it goes fast, it cruises fast. You can get six or seven ventricle rolls out it," owner Johnny White says.

It will perform all of its tricks at this year's show.

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