Holiday grilling: from the store to the table

BRISTOL, Va. - The Fourth of July is a day of family, fun, and food. But, an undercooked burger can lead to some unwanted trouble.

We spoke to Registered Dietician, Audrey Kessler, today and she told us a few things you can do to avoid food poisoning. She wants to remind everyone, food preparation starts before you fire up the grill. "When you are shopping, keep your raw meats like your chicken juices away from everything else in your grocery cart.  You can stop cross contamination from happening right there."

Also, don't keep food outside in the heat for longer than an hour, or two hours if you're indoors. And cool foods should be kept on ice - and remember to put ice on top of foods, too - as cool air travels down.

Experts recommend using a meat thermometer to make sure burgers are fully cooked. Color is not a good indicator.

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