Historic House Move

Abingdon, Va. -
Have you ever looked around your home and said, "you know I love this old house but sometimes I wish I could just pick up and move it some place else".

That literally happened Friday morning in Abingdon as K-Vat Food Stores move a historic home across the street from the location of their new headquarters.

History moves at a slow pace. That was quite visible as a house moving company moved a historic home just across the street.

It may sound simple, but the old home built in the late 1800's and it weighs a lot. Workers check and double check and then check some more to make sure everything is right.

"Can't get in hurry, you get in a hurry you do wrong things and you have to take your time and do everything at a slow pace, just a steady pace," Jonathan Laymna with Layman's House Moving explained.

The steady hand behind the wheel of the truck is Layman's father. He has 48 years of experience with this kind of thing and he's raised his sons to be patient.

"We've been doing it pretty much since we've been tall enough and big enough to handle a block and hand him shims and stuff," Jonathan said.

This house has served as a Methodist Church parsonage and more recently offices for the old hospital but the new construction would leave it landlocked.

Since it sits in the towns historic district, the new owner K-Vat Food Stores decided to move instead of demolish. When its finally in place the home will actually be in better shape.

"Usually once we get them to their new foundation their a whole lot leveler and more stable than were when we started. Just because the old foundation, they didn't put near as much, not as stable, plus age," Layman says.

K-Vat plans to a lot of work into the old home and possibly offer it up for sale. but just like the move that might take some time.

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