Green Cove celebrates 100th anniversary

Green Cove celebrates 100th anniversary

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Va. - Come August 3, Green Cove Station along the Virginia Creeper Trail will celebrate its 100th birthday. It's the only train station still standing on the old line.

You might think that all of the history of the old station has been told, but it's still being documented by a couple of summer volunteers. They're living out their retirement moving from interesting place to interesting place to volunteer, leaving a little something behind.

The old Green Cove Station looks the same as it did when O. Winston Link took his famous photograph in 1956. You'll still see visitors on the Virginia Creeper Trail taking their own historical pictures of the station.

Not much has changed at the station since it was completed in 1914; that includes just about everything inside as well. It served as a general store, post office, Western Union office, and most importantly, a gathering spot for the locals.

They still have memories and stories to tell in the town. "You can still meet people from here that were kids, so they have all these memories, these wonderful memories of what it was like to live here as a kid. We're in the process of starting a memory book," volunteer Ruh Berg said.

Just one of a couple of things these traveling volunteers are doing to leave behind at the old station. Another involves all of the things that were left here in the store over the years, products offered for sale in the old store. "So we've got the whole history here in old products.  So we know what people were wearing, what they were buying, all of this kind of stuff.  The other thing that amazed me was how many different products were just crammed into this little store," volunteer Scott Traxler tells us.

It's an effort to let visitors see the products and look over the boxes and containers without handling these sometime fragile items.

"Cataloging everything, took pictures, 1,300 pictures. The catalog is 300 pages. I think I finally figured out there's almost 400 individual products in this store," Traxler said.

That inventory will be left behind when they leave on to their next adventure as volunteers. But what they leave will be priceless. "It's not going to be too many more years before we're going to run out of these folks for this particular place," Berg says.

As scenic as the old station is, as historic as the old station is, it's nothing without its stories.

The anniversary for the old station will be Sunday August 3rd at 2pm in Green Cove.

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