Glade Spring's totally green grocer

'Green' grocery store stays local

Glade Spring, Va. - We've reported a lot about downtown revitalization. It's happening in just about every town in American these days and it's not just in the cities.

Small towns and their downtowns are coming back.. Glade Spring is well on its way, and the key to success is one word: local.

The town square in Glade Spring, Virginia is picturesque, alive, and well. The newest local business, Glade Green Grocer, is a prime example of keeping it local and working together. "We're all in it together, we're all the businesses are in it together down here at Town Square. We have monthly business meeting, we bounce customers back and forth, and I think we all compliment one another in a unique way. The bottom underlying theme tying us all together is local," says Dylan House with the store.

At the height of the growing season the evidence of local is all around. Even local meats are available, again with the theme of keeping it local. "We're blessed with such an amount of local farmers and local talent. We're blessed with good soil here. A lot of people just grow naturally and they have an excess that they're more than willing to have another outlet for," House said.

But this is a totally green grocery, with just about everything carrying that organic label. "There's several companies that do cater specifically to organic type, Trader Joe-kinds of places. Our big thing is getting the best deal we can to offer the best prices we can to our customers in Glade," he says.

House says its a misconception to think of organic as more expensive. The whole idea behind this new business is to let folks know that eating healthy need not be so pricey. "Teaching people, showing people that eating healthy does not have to break the bank. That's part of our goal here and our mission here at Glade Green Grocer is to be able to get this healthy good to people at a cost effective price," he said.

Kermit the Frog said "it's not easy being green," but for us humans it's getting easier all the time.

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