Glade Spring Church of God reflects on tornadoes in 2011

GLADE SPRING, Va. - It's been two years since the Glade Spring Church of God was forced to rebuild after tornadoes turned their church into a pile of rubble.

But now, two years later the chapel is back and the church members say they're stronger than ever.

Sunday morning is always a special time for members of the Glade Spring Church of God. But this Sunday was a little extra special, as the church reflected on the past two years.

"I've never seen anything like it. You see it on TV but it's nothing like seeing it in person," said member Tammy Walls.

There was very little left after April 27, 2011. But the members here say they never missed a service. "God had a way of providing even then just how He has til today," said Pastor James Walls.

Now two years later the building is back, but the people here say it was never about the building. "It's definitely more than just the building. The church is the people," added Walls.

But they admit it is nice to see the sign outside all lit up, every time they drive by. "I've been on long trips and I see the sign, it just comforts me. It's like a landmark," said member Steve Debore.

"I just thank God daily for where He has brought us from and to where He has brought us to today and where He is taking us into the future," added Pastor Walls.

Pastor Walls tells us insurance covered a lot of the rebuilding costs, but they raised about $90,000 in donations to help finish rebuilding the church.

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