Former delegate reacts to McDonnell indictment

RICHMOND, Va. - Former Delegate Joe Johnson of Virginia's 4th District said former governor Bob McDonnell had always been known as a person of integrity. 

"I was saddened when I heard [about the charges], because Virginia has been known for honest government forever," said Johnson.

Johnson recently retired after 28 years of public service. He is also an attorney, and had this to say from a legal standpoint -- "It's very disturbing, some of the things that were omitted from financial statements, very troubling."

Johnson said McDonnell has always been a person of integrity. "He always took the position of law and order. That was a big deal for delegate McDonnell, Attorney General McDonnell and Governor McDonnell: law and order," said Johnson. "Those were key words for him. I always was impressed with the things we was doing."

If McDonnell is found guilty, Johnson is concerned for his legacy. "It's so sad to know that he'll be remembered for things that are not so good, above the things he accomplished," said Johnson.

Johnson says he does not feel people in Virginia will lose their trust in Richmond because of this. He said it just shows this kind of alleged behavior will not be tolerated. "I think our ethics laws are pretty good," added Johnson. "However, sometimes the enticement gets the best of a person. I have always thought that gifts above $100 were wrong."

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