Female football player makes history

Female football player makes history

CHILHOWIE, Va. - It's almost time for the Friday Night Huddle, and the best high school teams in the region are gearing up for kickoff. News 5 found a special player in Chilhowie, who is breaking barriers and a few face masks.

Rachel Poston spends an hour each day in U.S. History with the school's head football coach, but it's what she is doing outside of that classroom that's making history -- she's the first female to earn a starting position on the Warriors' special teams.

She's tough, but it's her passion that has gotten her here. "I started playing football in fifth grade. I just wanted to play, and my parents let me," Poston said.

Head football coach Jeff Robinson says he expects Poston to contend for some of the toughest positions on the team. "She's going to play a significant part in what we're trying to do this year. I can guarantee that," he added.

The only accommodation she gets is a separate dressing room. "I just proved myself, and now it's just like I'm part of the team. They're like my brothers," she said.

Poston hasn't missed a weightlifting practice in two years. That alone has coaches and teammates impressed. "She's really strong actually, probably stronger than me," teammate Hunter Delp said.

"She bench presses 200 pounds, squats 300 pounds, and dead lifts 315 pounds. That's pretty impressive," Robinson added.

It's her work ethic that makes Poston special. "I get the chance to do the same as everyone else. I just choose to work harder because I want to be committed to the team, and I want to see the team do well," she said.

Poston tells us she's excited about the opportunity to play the sport she loves.

She is hoping to improve enough to get the chance to play football in college.

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