Family's message to heaven found in New York

Family's message to heaven found in New York

It's hard to believe a balloon could fly all the way from Virginia to New York!

That's more than 600 miles of traveling and to put that into perspective, almost a 10 hour drive. So you can imagine how shocked Lauren Yates and her family were to learn one of the special balloons they send every holiday was found.

"It surprised me, it really surprised me when I heard from her," Lauren said. "I never thought it would travel to NY."

Lauren's boyfriend, Josh Robinson, died in a car accident two years ago. As a way to help their little girl cope with the loss, on special days, they release balloons to daddy in heaven. This Easter they tried something a little different. Lauren and her daughter wrote a special message on the balloon. It said, "Happy Easter daddy, we love and miss you." It also included her phone number if found.

"I figured, well we'll see if somebody contacts us," Lauren said. "I never thought that anybody would."

The message on the balloon worked!

Days later, in the small town of Wiscoy, New York, Brianna Campbell was having a hectic day.

When she walked outside to try and stop her dog from barking, she found something in her tree. She compares it to a message in a bottle.

"I realized there was writing on it and when i read it, I just got goosebumps," Campbell said. "Here I am complaining about the daily grind and this family had lost so much."

One balloon sending a loud message. Brianna learning to appreciate what's important in life. Peace of mind for Lauren and her family.

"It made me feel like he knows what we do and he's proud of it," Lauren said.

Brianna tells me she wants their daughters to become pen pals. She's also mailing back the balloon so the family can cherish this memory.

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