Family opens door to new Habitat for Humanity home

Habitat for Humanity house

ABINGDON, Va. - For the Murray family, they opened up a door to a new life.

With the help of Habitat for Humanity and Faith Builders, Justin, Jessica and their three girls have a new home in Abingdon.

Before, the family lived in a mobile home. "It was three bedrooms. Of course it had mold and stuff coming up from the moisture," Justin says.

Two children have asthma.  Their doctor said the mold from their former home aggravated it.

The new house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, 1,100 square feet. No mold. No moisture. A yard to play, something the girls never had. A large kitchen, and big bedrooms fit with pink ceiling fans.

Washington County Virginia Habitat for Humanity volunteers started the foundation in the fall.

Operations director Peter Stigers says they started working daily in April. "We've probably had a couple hundred people out here the past two months," Stigers says.

There were 15 to 20 construction workers on the site each day, and their schedules were set up by Faith Builders, which is a coalition of three local churches.

The churches include Green Spring Presbyterian Church, Sinking Spring Presbyterian Church, and Woodland Hills Christian Church.

Justin and Jessica did work of their own, both on site and in the office.

They were both surprised by how quickly building began after applying, considering the process can be meticulous. "We have to raise funds, we have to find volunteers, and we have to find people to donate their time and money," Stigers says.

Stigers also says seeing the looks on their faces made all the hard work worth it. "There's a great sense of satisfaction. Today is a good day," he says.

The Murray family says they are "very blessed" to have this home to look forward to.

They can officially move in after closing on the house. We're told it will take a few weeks to fill out paperwork.

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