Family gets keys to new home thanks to Habitat for Humanity

ABINGDON, Va. - Building a home in less than a month, sounds like a lofty goal. But that's exactly what a group of hard working volunteers with Habitat for Humanity did in Abingdon, Virginia.

Sunday afternoon the keys were finally handed over to the family so the move-in process could begin. The family tells News 5 owning a home is a dream that's finally a reality.

This brand new home on Leonard Street is a little different than all the rest. "Well it was built with love and it was built for a very special lady and her daughter," said organizer Connie Bullock.

Leslie Charlton can now proudly call herself a homeowner and it's all thanks to hard work between four different churches and the Washington County, Virginia Habitat for Humanity.

Leslie and her daughter ended up on the list thanks to Leslie's brother, "One of the guys he works with is on the board for Habitat. And he said he just stopped by his office one day and asked did he know of anybody that needed a home, and he said yes my sister."

The goal was to get the home move-in ready in less than a month. "To look at this house  now and think that four weeks ago we didn't have anything here and now it's completely finished was really exciting," said volunteer Nicola Aloisio.

Organizers say more than 300 volunteers signed up to come work on the home and it's worth so much more. "She will own the home, she will be making monthly payments and those payments go into another house for another family," added Bullock.

This celebration is overwhelming and a blessing for every hand that touched this home. "Thank you is two small words and it's not enough to express my appreciation and gratitude," said Charlton.

News 5 also learned because of donations, this home has a washer and dryer, microwave, as well as a dishwasher.

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