Dickenson County

Three more Castlewood students under surveillance

Some question why they were allowed back to school

Three students held

DICKENSON COUNTY, Va. - Three more Castlewood, Virginia teenagers accused of violating a classmate learned their fate Thursday.

We have learned one of teens, who is now 18, has been ordered to be held at the regional jail until the court date in November.

Another has been sent to the detention center and a third was released on outreach detention, which will require him to check in with an outreach officer.

We are told he is not allowed on school property and has to be under 24-hour surveillance by guardians. "That individual was treated differently because of factors that the court considered. The court obviously found based on the conditions they were offering, they were enough to address the public safety," said Brian Patton, Commonwealth's Attorney.

Earlier this week, a judge ordered the other three teens be sent to detention and not be allowed to attend school.

News 5 talked to the school about why they were allowed back to school in the first place. "I think something should have been done," said Nellie Barnette.

"The situation happened totally off of campus and it's a situation in the hands of the court and not the school system," said Superintendent Dr. Brenda Hess.

However, we dug around and found out there was more they could have done. We pulled the Virginia state code of conduct, which states that even if the acts do not happen on school grounds, they can still pull disciplinary action.

The code reads as follows: "A suspension or expulsion may occur for acts off school property when the acts lead to an adjudication of delinquency, a conviction of certain offenses, or a charge that would be a felony if committed by an adult."

We asked the superintendent why they did not follow the guidelines. "We were operating under the counsel of our attorney," said Hess.

News 5 contacted the attorney's office, but the phone call was not returned.

Barnette tells us she is not happy with the decision. "It's likely they thought this was simply just going to go away and it didn't," she said.

A trial for the juveniles is set for November 5.

News 5 also contacted the parent of the victim for a statement, who declined an interview.

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