Day after the election close calls and issues examined

Election close calls and issues examined

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Va. - We discovered that there may not be a clear winner in the Washington County School Board race until Friday.

It was math and more math Wednesday morning as Washington County, Virginia election officials canvassed the votes from yesterday's elections.

The process takes around 3 hours.

But that wait couldn't keep Danny Ruble and his wife from listening to the vote counts and checking them twice.

"The votes have come in and they've been a little closer than I hope they would have been," said Danny Ruble, a school board candidate.

Ruble is leading by 3 votes in race that represent District B also known as the Jefferson district on the Washington County Virginia School Board.

Ruble's opponent incumbent J. Sanders Henderson received 933 votes and Ruble took home 936 votes.

The secretary of the Washington County electoral board Jean McReynolds tells me the race's outcome is in the hands of just 3 voters.

"Voters that had voted provisional ballots for id, identification purposes have until Friday afternoon to come in and show a voter id to have their vote counted," said Jean McReynolds.

The close race isn't the only reason McReynolds and the other officials are double-checking the numbers.

She tells me one the voting machines at the Woodland Hills precinct stopped working.

"They were workers at the polls that had voted to make the machines were working well before we actually opened the polls and there was a problem with that one so they immediately closed it down," said McReynolds.

McReynolds tells us that the votes were taken off of the machine and counted at the end of the night. But other than that the election went well.

But one Ruble will never forget.

"I was shocked," said Ruble.

He tells us no matter the outcome he will not ask for a recount.

Election officials tell that turnout was significantly lower than last year.

They told us 40% of registered voters in the county cast ballots in yesterday's election.

We also asked them about comments on social media concerning questionable voting practices at the Abingdon Middle precinct and they told us those reports are not true.

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