Crops growing well for local farmers despite rainfall

Crops thrive despite rain

ABINGDON, Va. - The corn growing on Sam Rock's farm in Abingdon is the best it's ever been.

"Look how yellow that corn is," Rock says, looking at his harvest. Why is it the best it's ever been? The rain. "I'd say we got two inches of rain [Monday night] here, it must have poured."

He says crops and hay are getting cut twice as much in the past two weeks. "We've got too much, you can't sell it," he says.

But the rainfall isn't good for everything on the farm. "Beans and stuff, they can't take this rain and they rot, we've lost a few of them," he says.

Even harvesting has become difficult because of all the mold.

Local tobacco farmers aren't loving the wet weather either. News 5 discovered blue mold, a fungus, grows on tobacco leaves in the rain, and vegetables like pumpkins and tomatoes are prone to disease in wet conditions.

But for Rock, a few lost beans is a fine enough tradeoff for some great corn. "The sweet corn has just can't believe how good the sweet corn is," he says.

If you're interested in buying some of Sam Rock's sweet corn, his produce shop is on Old Jonesboro Rd. in Abingdon. It's selling at $5 a dozen at his store.

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