Crews continue to clean up after train falls off tracks

Train Derailment

HAYSI, Va. - Clean up continues after a train derails sending four cars into the river in Haysi, Virginia. No one was hurt, but people living close by say they're rattled by the scene.

We caught up with one homeowner and the startling discover he came home to Saturday morning.

A road blocked but it's for good reason, crews were braving the rain Sunday patching the railroad tracks and working tirelessly.

Crews have managed to move four cars once dangling over the Russell Fork River. "I looked at this accident and thought to myself, this will take months to clean up," said homeowner Jason Barton.

Barton lives about 500-feet away from where this train, heading to Russell, Kentucky, derailed Saturday morning.

Luckily he wasn't home at the time but says he came home to a nightmare. "There was a train car sitting in the middle of my driveway, there was another train car that was leaning up against the pier blocking it, and there were four tanker cars that were actually in my garden," added Barton.

Barton says he hasn't been able to stay at his home this weekend, because the surrounding area has been blocked off as a precaution.

According to CSX more than 1,000 gallons of a corrosive material was leaking from one of the derailed cars, but none of that acid reached the river. Which is a relief for Barton, "Where the actual train wreck happened is a very popular fishing location. The pier itself provides a good habitat for the fish."

There is still a lot of work to be done, but CSX hopes to restore service by Monday.

Barton says he'll never pass by these train tracks without imagining the wreck, "I've never seen anything like this, I've never seen a train come off the train trestle."

CSX officials tell us clean up will continue this week as the derailed cars are moved. Virginia Environmental officials are on scene working with CSX crews to clean up the spilled corrosive material.

The cause of the accident is still under investigation.

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