Crash Cleanup

Crash Cleanup

SMYTH COUNTY, Va. - The cleanup continues after two wrecks over the weekend involving three tractor trailers.

Avocados line the side of Route 91 in Glade Spring, Virginia after a tractor trailer overturned on Sunday.

Virginia State Police says the driver of the truck was going too fast on and flipped. Police charged the driver with reckless driving.

About 20-miles down the road there was another crash. This one involved two tractor trailers.

Virginia State Police Sergeant DM Reece tells us a truck was on the shoulder of the interstate and when it tried to re-enter the road another truck came and hit it.

"When we arrived on scene this is kind of what we found, just a really severe mess," says Roger Blevins with Blevins Towing.

The truck that was hit was carrying about 40,000 pounds of terracotta tile.

Cleanup continued Monday as crews worked to pick up the pieces.

We've learned cleanup costs for a mess like this can add up quickly.

"Usually a job like this is paid on an hourly basis, so you consider your labor, your equipment and it doesn't take long to escalate into a very high bill," adds Blevins.

The trucking company's insurance will cover the costs.

It's a scenario Blevins says he's seen before. He says it comes with the territory of owning a towing company near the interstate.

"It just depends. I've seen 20 a year and I've seen it go probably two years and not have one. It just depends," adds Blevins.

Crews say the cleanup is now all finished and it's up to VDot to repair the guardrail on the side of the interstate.

We checked with Virginia State Police and learned the driver of the truck that hit the tractor trailer carrying tile has been charged with reckless driving.

Police tell us the driver is Gurdeet Singh from Parlin, New Jersey. As of Monday evening he was at Bristol Regional Medical Center in critical condition.

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