Coyotes sighted in Bristol woman's front yard

BRISTOL, Va. - Karen Orfield lives off Old Airport Road in Bristol, Virginia. But recently some un-welcomed visitors have made her want to stay inside.

"They been coming all up in my yard, right there is my house, right here is the yard. And they are not afraid of anything. They just act like they own the place," said Orfield.

Orlfield tells News 5, since the first week of August coyotes have made her front yard their new home.

And she worries that it's only a matter of time before the dangerous predators could attacks her or her neighbors.

"I always shine my high beams to check everything out before I get out of the car," said Orfield.

Orfield tells News 5 she's contacted every law enforcement agency in the area and has not received any help.

"The sheriffs department, the police department, animal control, they said they were gonna send wildlife up here I never saw them," said Orfield.

News 5 contacted the Bristol Virginia Police Department and they tell us they haven't received of any recent calls about coyotes in the city, but if they do they are prepared to act especially if someone could contract rabies.

"Anything they think is rabid aggressive towards people they could contact us, we would contact the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, we would also respond to the scene, if we see any sign of rabid behavior we would euthanize the animal on the scene," Officer Kegan Bostic of the Bristol, Virginia Police Department.

Orlfield fears that the issue might get worse before any action is taken.

"Hopefully they are going to run from me as I would them, but you never know if they are hungry," said Orfield.

The Bristol Virgnia Police Department tells News 5 if you see any wildlife animals within the city limits, you are urged to contact them immediately.

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