Castlewood woman searches for long-lost sister after 33 years

Castlewood woman searches for long-lost sister after 33 years

CASTLEWOOD, Va. - A Castlewood woman is on a mission to track down her long-lost sister after being separated as children.

Kathy Hawks looks back at memories, the one picture she has of her and her sister Lynn. Kathy was 7 years old at the time, and Lynn was four. "I remember it. It was Sunday at great grandma's house," Kathy says.

Hawks says she and her sister played all the time. "It's hard. Missing someone for this long," she says.

The picture, taken 33 years ago, is all Kathy has left of Lynn. "I often wonder if we still look alike. This was taken in 1980," she says.

The two were separated after Lynn was taken to social services after a family emergency. "The next thing I know, they told me that I can't see her again, that she's been adopted. And it's been 33 years," Kathy says.

Once sisters, they're now strangers. "She was my best friend. My sissy. You know, just my heart," Kathy says. Now, she's always left to wonder. "Is she okay? What does she do? Is she a housewife? A doctor? Is she happy?"

Social services can't answer any of those questions, although Hawks has called and sent letters for years. She says she's constantly tried to find her sister's whereabouts, but now that Kathy's health is declining, she's trying harder than ever.

So Kathy searches Google and Facebook every day - looking for anything. "I don't really find that much," she says, knowing Lynn's name may have been change during adoption, or she may be married.

Each day, Kathy holds on to hope that she and Lynn could one day reconnect. "If I could just once, just one time, just give her a hug. That would be a dream come true," she says.

She's looking for any clues to reconnect with her sister, so she asks anyone with any information to email her at

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