Burning ban takes effect in Virginia

A burning ban went into effect Saturday in Virginia.

The Commonwealth's burning ban prohibits burning before 4 PM each day if the fire is within 300 feet of any area containing dry grass or flammable materials.

Violating the law is a misdemeanor with a $500 fine.

The ban will run through April 30th.

We talked with Chilhowie Fire Department Sergeant Willie Gollehon about why this is important even if that snow is melting outside.  Gollehon says: "Even though it is wet outside, it is still dry. There's not a whole lot of humidity. So any time you have a fire like this, the wind can pick it up and carry it into the words, thus starting another fire."

We also talked with firefighter in the Bristol, Virginia city limits.  They tell us burning is not allowed within city limits at any point during the year.

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