Buchanan County

Mitt Romney's son attends local coal event

GRUNDY, Va. - With about two weeks to go before the election, Mitt Romney's son matt made a stop in Buchanan County on Sunday.

"Virginia is obviously a really important state," says Matt Romney, "it's what you consider a swing state. But on top of that what you have happening here today with the coal rally, I think it sends a message that we care about every job."

He's talking about jobs that some coal miners have recently lost.

"I just received word I was no longer an employee of Consol Energy along with 190 other men," said Jamie Lester.

That's why the miners and their families are rallying with hope to keep coal jobs in the region.

 "Coal's what we do here and we've got to work and live," described Tony Stacey, "we've got to have somebody somewhere to help us."

Aubert Mitchell says he thinks all coal needs is a little support.

"Our people, these people right here, are some of the best workers in the country," says Aubert Mitchell, "turn us loose, we can handle it. We can deal with it. If we get support, we can handle it."

Something Matt Romney says his dad can do, if elected President.

"He set a goal, by 2020 of having North American energy independent and a key part is focusing in on coal, natural gas and oil, which are all recourses here in America," says Matt Romney.

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