Buchanan County

Griffith reaction to mine closing

GRUNDY, VIRGINIA - More bad news for the coal communities of Southwest Virginia.

Pittsburgh-based Consol energy will go down to two shifts per day at the Buchanan mine effective immediately.

The layoff affects -188- employees including 39 salaried workers and nearly 150 hourly employees.

The Longwall mine produces 400-thousand tons of coal each month  which is used to make steel.

Congressman Morgan Griffith had a strong reaction to the Consol announcement. "In the past few years, we have seen too many layoffs, too many slowdowns, too many closures in Southwest Virginia."  said Griffith. |" I am proud to stand with the hardworking coal miners, their families, and the broader communities that continue to have their livelihoods devastated by the Obama Administration and its Environmental Protection Agency's harmful policies."

Griffith says he has resource packets for the affected workers.

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