Bristol VA

Virginia is hoping kids will drink more water

Bristol Virginia Middle School students were given special water Thursday in the hopes it will encourage them to drink less sugary drinks.

A program called "Rev Your Bev" was presented to the kids by the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth and Y-Street.

"Rev Your Bev" is about putting fruit and other tasty additions into your water to flavor it making it more appealing.
Kids filled out surveys revealing how many sugary drinks they drink per day.

They were then told how much sugar is in drinks like sodas, sports drinks, and even sweet tea.

"We're just trying to teach our young people, especially middle school, because this seems to be an age they're getting ready to set sail to high school soon, that choices they make now and decisions that they make can impact them next year, two years, three years, twenty years down the road," Bristol Youth Services Director Jo Hutton said.

A recent Rev Your Bev day survey indicates that more than 40 percent of respondents drink at least one sugary drink per day.

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