Booze business booms in Virginia

The booze business is booming in Virginia.

News 5 has learned, the state's beverage control stores saw record profits during the last fiscal year.

The Virginia Department of Alcohol Beverage Control's recent report shows retail sales have increased consistently for 15 years.  ABC stores saw a profit of $134 million in the last fiscal year, which ended June 30th.

The department says gross wholesale and retail sales increased by nearly 5%, rising to $769 million.

That translates into more than 10.6 million gallons of wine, spirits and non-alcoholic mixers.

The top-selling brands in Virginia are Jack Daniel's 7 Black whiskey, followed by Smirnoff 80 vodka, Jim Beam straight bourbon whiskey, Grey Goose vodka and Crown Royal whisky.

ABC says vodka appears to be the Commonwealth's drink of choice, bringing in a combined $212 million in sales.

Corn whiskey saw the biggest increase in sales.  Those sales jumped 123% from $1.7 million to $3.8 million.

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