Alpacas lose layers for summer

ABINGDON, Va. - With summer right around the corner, some of us are shedding the layers and the pounds, so are some neighborhood alpacas.

White Pines Alapaca farm in Abingdon held "Shear Madness" today.

The farm shears the animals once per year to keep them cool for the summer season.

Owner Debbie Del Gaudio said the extra fur can weigh up to ten pounds.

"We send it off to a fiber mill and have it spun into yarn; and with the yarn, we crochet and knit. With the neck and leg fibers, we make rug yarn, so you can weave rugs," Del Gaudio said. "It is extremely warm. It is warmer than wool. It is comparable to cashmere because of its softness and it is hypoallergenic."

Del Gaudio tells us the process does not harm or hurt the animal in any way.

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