Virginia State Police sergeant reaches maximum age

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Va. - After 45 years on the job a local state trooper in Washington County, Virginia is getting ready to retire -- not because he wants to, but because there's a rule that says he has to.

Sergeant Claude Worrell's last day is September 1st.

He is now 70 years old. The maximum age for a Virgina State Police trooper is 70 years plus 90 days.

We've learned most of Worrell's time on the job been spent in Washington County.

He tells us he loves Washington County so much that he even turned down promotions to make sure he could stay.

His job has given him the opportunity to meet three presidents -- both Bushes and President Obama.

Worrell tells us he has enjoyed every day of his job.

"I have loved it," said Sgt. Worrell. "I've never had a bad day that I can recall. They always say if you love your job it's not a job, and I have. You know, there has been a little turmoil a few days but I have thoroughly enjoyed my 45 years with it."

Worrell tells us he still wants to keep working but he's going to take a little time off before finding a new job.

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